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Case Study 1

Authorized Driving Instructor on Demand

ADI app is to assist finding a licensed driving instructor nearby or in a specific location. The client can search for teachers by way of score or rate to find the most suitable trainer. The instructor can provide pre-configured programs or devise a custom designed using bundle.

Key Requirements:
Verified Authorized Driving Instructors
History, Rating and Availability of Instructor
Ease of Payment within the app
Pre-configured or Customized driving packages

Different Student and Instructor Login
Instructors to provide Picture, License and address details during Registration.
Instructor can setup the different packages he/she offers to the customer
Student on login can see the highest rated Instructors on top and all the nearby instructors in the map
Student can search for instructors in a postal code and filter the list down to the choice he/she wants.
Student can choose from the packages offered by customer or make a counter offer, which instructor can accept/negotiate.
Students can pay through Paypal online

Technology: Xcode 7.2, Objective C, Php, MySQL