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Case Study 5

Funky Seeds Game

Funky seeds is a puzzle sport. A huge number of grains and cereals falling down at the board will no longer have any corn to keep away from confusion. Funky seed is a very unfastened to play contemporary and very simple game that allows you to let you take a look at your imaginative and prescient, reflex, reminiscence and reasoning whilst passing time in relaxation. The sport has more than a hundred nicely designed colourful seeds.
It's far a race in opposition to time to crush the Seeds. Person ought to healthy at the least 3 similar seeds on vertical or horizontal column. While target is reached the consumer is going to the following degree.

Key Requirements:
Everyone can play this game for free
Collect same type of grains is collected in the same line.
Match three or more items which have the same colour.
There are 50 Levels.
You have only 3 minutes to collect the number of points needed to move to the next level.
Great quality graphics.
Funky Seeds there are different types of level,target score etc.
Player can reach the next level by moves or by getting to targeted score in due time.
This game is easy to understand and play..

Cost of Corns:
1Snail corns = .50 cents
2Snail corns = .90 cents
3Snail corns = .99 cents
4Snail corns = 1.50 $
1giant corn =.99 cents
2giant corn =1.95 $
3giant corn =2.50 $

Technology: Xcode 7.2, Objective, C