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Elearning & Mlearning Solutions

Moodle Customisation

We proportion as plenty love as you for open source. Hence, we at Evince, offer Moodle solutions for our customers as a result of its unrivaled flexibility and customization alternatives. Our Moodle professionals help in setting, deploying, and updating the Moodle mastering control machine as according to the customers’ requirements, along side the improvement of well matched SCORM based courseware for Moodle.

We specialise in installing Moodle on stand on my own web hosting servers and additionally we integrate open supply with cloud-generation. We've got accurate revel in in imparting web hosting assist across the Amazon AWS Cloud web hosting. Are you trying to integrate the best of open supply and the cloud? We're the team for you.

Online assessments

On the end of publications we've got the option of an evaluation. This assessment is to test that the learner has taken the records on board. The checks can use a huge pool of questions, which means that character inexperienced persons or a learner taking a 2nd strive will get hold of a different set of questions.

The exams aren't just a list of a couple of desire questions one after every other; we've got options to use unique question styles all through the online tests. This maintains the learner thinking and drives similarly understanding. We can provide some of distinctive question styles together with:

  • Multiple choice
  • Drag and drop an answer to the correct area
  • Short typed answers
  • Fill in the blank
  • True or False
  • Pairing answers together
  • Selecting part of an image
  • Putting answers into order

Mobile learning (m-Learning)

Mobile learning or m-gaining knowledge of is, truly put, e-studying on cellular gadgets along with capsules and smartphones. M-learning is good if your stop users have restricted get right of entry to to computers, are based totally exterior or regularly touring lengthy distances. M-gaining knowledge of can be accessed from anywhere with a web connection, at a time that suits the learner. Evince’s approach to m-learning is easy; we will create e-gaining knowledge of utility for any device.

m-Learning Advantages

beginners can easily access tutorials and video demos in their own time or in downtime. M-mastering content may be accessed from nearly anywhere. This gives the strength to the learner and permits them to take initiative.

Rookies interact more on a cellular device as they instinctively swipe, pinch and pull at content. M-gaining knowledge of eliminates the era barrier as novices use their own tool which they are already at ease with.

m-Learning options

when thinking about m-gaining knowledge of you need to recollect what devices you would love your e-gaining knowledge of to be optimized for.

The alternatives we use to make e-getting to know work on mobile devices are:

  • Scalable content. Best used for desktops and tablets.
  • Responsive design. Suitable for all desktops, tablets and smartphones.